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USB Implementers Forum

A powerful new USB logo identity for the future of device charging.

In an effort to continue the advancement of USB technology and have a significant impact on the world’s environmental challenge of electronic waste, USB Implementers Forum (USB-IF) developed a new USB Power Delivery specification and Certified USB Charger compliance program. The idea was simple. USB Type-C™ continues to gain in popularity and is projected to dominate mobile devices, PCs and other consumer electronics with integration into more than two billion devices by 2019. With that in mind, the desire was to develop the next generation of chargers that would utilize USB Type-C™ connectivity and be able to charge all of these consumer devices without the need for multiple, dispensable chargers.

Consumers would benefit from having one charger compatible with all of their devices. In addition, the potential environmental impact of not having to replace and dispose of outdated and incompatible chargers would be another massive win for the program. To launch the certification and compliance program for manufacturers of this new generation of USB chargers, USB-IF needed to prepare a logo that would be universally incorporated by the OEMs and understood by the general public across the globe.

USB CS Family of Logos_1


BrandingBusiness was retained to design the new Certified USB Charger logo identity. For this new designation, there could be no confusion when it came to the flow of data vs. power for charging. BrandingBusiness needed to contend with the long-standing history of the USB-IF family system of icons, symbols and logos that had come before. The new, forward-thinking Certified USB Charger logo would need to complement the legacy identity system, yet stand apart as something exciting and new for the organization and for the people of the world at large.


USB CS Logo Studies_2

At the center of all conceptual design work initiated by the BrandingBusiness design team, was the need to communicate a universally recognizable symbol that instantly conveyed the idea of "power/charge/charger." The final design solution needed to seamlessly cross languages and cultures across the world. Hundreds of design studies were initiated and evaluated.


USB CS Sketch_3


The final resolution yielded a brand new and instantly recognizable logo that visually conveys two fundamental ideas: 1.) A lightning bolt that symbolizes "power" and/or "charge" and 2.) the pairing of this symbol with the initial letter U, thus communicating the "universal” nature of the charger. USB’s legacy colors of red and blue were carried forwarded to integrate the new logo into the USB family of identities.

USB CS ProductBox 3b

BrandingBusiness assisted USB-IF by preparing launch-support infographics for the program, as well as comprehensive usage guidelines, critical to ensure that the consistency and proper representation of the certification program is shared with all global electronic manufacturer participants.

The new Certified USB Charger logo and compliance program for electronics manufacturers was launched in August 2016 at the Intel Developers Forum in San Francisco, California.

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