We marry world-class creative capabilities with brand strategy and research to visually articulate a new B2B brand identity to the marketplace and fully bring it to life.

Brand Naming

Nothing signifies change in an organization more than a new brand name. It sets the tone for a different path, and creates a new energy going forward for external stakeholders and for employees.

When our evidence-based brand research and strategy indicates a rationale for a new brand name, we begin with a strategic naming brief containing the foundational brand elements we’ve set forth to that point, and develop names against that brief.

Brand naming is a tough challenge due to increasingly limited trademark availability; and so, our process is exceptionally rigorous. BrandingBusiness’ naming experts have successfully created brand names for more than a hundred companies and products that communicate a new identity and resonate in the marketplace.

Logo Development

Logo development often follows upon the creation of a new name. The process is guided by strategy and a formal logo brief, spelling out key elements such as brand personality and creative drivers that have been uncovered during research. We work closely with clients to understand their views on how they want the brand to be displayed visually, then add our expertise to the discussion.

A new logo is one of the most visible elements of a brand identity. Yet its importance goes beyond market presence: a logo also serves as an entry point for creating the visual brand system. Our California- and New York-based teams have developed logos for hundreds of brands—from global Fortune 500 companies to local startups.

Brand Expression

Brand Expression is the visual look and feel beyond the logo—a visual toolkit encompassing color palette and typography, graphic devices and photographic styles.

We create this toolkit as a total brand identity system, demonstrating how all these elements work in harmony to represent the brand across different media. This becomes a conceptual guide—a visual rubric that is used as a starting point in the creation of all brand-related elements by marketing and corporate communications departments, ad agencies, and promotional partners. It also offers guidance to creators seeking to dial the energy of a piece up or down, given the audience, the context, and the medium.

Brand Guidelines

Staying on brand is both important and difficult, especially over time. We create Brand Guidelines to help clients maintain consistency across all of the visual toolkit elements at their disposal. It’s the go-to resource for do’s and don’ts, featuring specifications for such things as: logo placement, clear space and proximity; color proportion and proper usage; and how and when to combine a brand’s visual elements properly. Brand guidelines set the rules, so internal departments can police the brand and external partners don’t have to guess.

Comprehensive, visual brand guidelines are crucial for maintaining the consistency, integrity, and effectiveness of a corporate brand long-term.

Branded Environments

One initial application of a new brand is often the environment in which employees work. It’s a key part of introducing the brand internally—a physical embodiment of the brand that reinforces its principles and makes them real, each day.

From exterior and interior signage to common area graphics, paint schemes to art installations, our staff of creatives and designers work with clients to prepare and execute environmental plans that best suit their brand and objectives.

Done properly, a branded environment reinforces to employees who you are as an organization, why you do what you do, and where you’re headed.