The decision to rebrand a company or organization of any kind is a serious undertaking and should not be embarked on without good reason.


The starting point for any rebranding is to clearly understand the rationale. It is usually triggered by a fundamental point of business transition: a merger, a spinoff, a transformational acquisition, or a need to redefine and reposition an organization around an evolving purpose and direction.

The next and no less critical step is to understand what the term “rebranding” signifies. In times of change the temptation is to jump to tactical externalities – new logos, new taglines, and revamped marketing campaigns. These can be effective tools as part of a bigger initiative, but in and of themselves they change very little in the way of strategic realignment of a brand around a new business direction.

Our world of rebranding involves a fundamental reassessment and recasting of an organization’s purpose – it’s reason for being – and then pervasively and comprehensively, visually and verbally expressing it through a focused brand strategy.


A rebranding assignment with BrandingBusiness begins with Discovery—involving a workshop conducted with the executive team to elicit insight and establish consensus about the initiative and expected outcomes.

  • What is the purpose of the rebrand?
  • What are the underlying factors that lead to the decision to rebrand?
  • What are the business objectives?

The brand parameters have to be clearly established and agreed upon.

The next step is data gathering. In a fundamental repositioning of a brand, it is essential to understand what it currently stands for in the market from a buyer’s perspective, and how far it can travel in line with the business direction. It is no time for guesswork. These kinds of insights are gathered via several tailored qualitative and quantitative streams of research, including: one-on-one interviews, focus groups and online surveys geared toward internal stakeholders as well as customers, prospects and industry analysts.

In addition, BrandingBusiness has developed a proprietary research methodology that we call the Brand Performance Platform™. It has been specially engineered for B2B brands to measure performance, identify growth pathways, and pinpoint positioning strategies. This proprietary measurement tool also enables B2B managers to test, monitor, and adjust brand performance on an ongoing basis.

On the firm ground of data we develop an integrated Brand Platform that is comprised of four key components:


Once these brand strategy elements are in place, we enter the creation and activation phases that bring the brand strategy to life. In our studios in Irvine and New York, we maintain in-house all the resources necessary to build world-class brands – from naming and visual identity to employee engagement and comprehensive go-to-market campaigns.

We view each client engagement as a long-term commitment, serving as a trusted guide throughout and well after the brand’s development. Ultimately, corporate rebranding is a journey, not an event. Brands live in the hearts and minds of people. The foundation for achieving lasting, convincing change lies inside the organization. Let us help you discover your greatness.