Rebranding A 100-Year-Old Company

By Ray Baird

Established in 1909 as a window-cleaning company, ABM has since evolved, expanding its service offerings and global capabilities. After 100-years in business, it was time for ABM to rebrand itself and bring relevance back to its positioning in the marketplace. In this show, we hear from Brett Knox, Senior VP of Marketing at ABM, as he shares his thoughts on the critical mindset, the delicate process and the absolute essentials that go into the rebranding of an established company like ABM.

Some of the topics covered by Knox include:

  • “We are the oldest, largest company that no one has ever heard of.” – Brett Knox explores when it makes sense to rebrand (1:43)
  • Leadership buy-in, an inside-out strategy and more things to consider when entering a rebranding strategy (4:50)
  • That WOW factor and other things to look for in a brand agency (17:00)