Even the best brand strategy has no value until it is successfully implemented. We partner with clients for the long term, working collaboratively through brand adoption, brand launch, brand management, corporate marketing, and success measurement.

Internal Brand Training & Adoption

Before a new brand goes to market, it must first be properly introduced to your employees. If done correctly, they’ve been an integral part of the branding process and contributed to creating the organization’s brand promise; now they need to know how they’ll keep that promise and help to execute on it. This step is about connecting employees’ hearts and minds—ensuring a full understanding of the new brand and a rock-solid belief in what it stands for.

Working as your brand engagement agency, we lead a comprehensive effort to train employees on properly and consistently communicating the brand, internally and externally. We revisit the brand roadmap with your teams in order to operationalize the brand, so the brand strategy and business strategy can truly align. And by collaborating with key departments such as HR, Marketing, and Sales, we help the organization plan for the next step: Rolling the brand out to the world.

Go-to-Market Planning

Here, we work with your teams to identify how to best introduce and communicate your new value proposition to external audiences, preparing tactical programs for print and digital media, website development, and social media activation. As part of the process, we typically conduct communication audits to uncover ways to improve the customer journey and create more meaningful engagement with the brand.

For many clients, BrandingBusiness serves as an extension of the internal marketing team. Based on the client’s capabilities, we can act as the strategic hub for rollout planning and execution, and perform such activities as creating and managing print and digital campaigns. As needed, we call upon our partner network to help execute such efforts as PR, media, and digital programming.

Corporate Marketing

Another facet of brand engagement is the planning and execution of Corporate Marketing. This effort includes creating collateral systems with design and messaging that reinforce the new brand, and sales tools that give your field teams what they need to convey the new brand to customers, channel partners, and distributors. Corporate-focused advertising, PR, and social media are also elements of this marketing program.

Our brand management experts can work alongside internal client teams to set the strategy for these efforts, executing both creative development and production as needed to ensure success.

Website Development & Digital Strategy

Each clients’ website is considered their primary brand touchpoint—the showpiece of the brand promise, with visual and verbal elements that express the organization’s value proposition to critical audiences.

Working alongside a client, we create and execute a strategic plan for the website that encompasses content development, user experience and interface design, thought leadership, outbound marketing integrations, and other functionality as needed. We then develop a strategy for the digital ecosystem that both connects to and extends from the website, including social media, advertising, and lead generation and conversion. Our expert strategists and designers, along with web development partners, spearhead creative and web development in one cohesive effort. 

Brand Consulting & Management

Brands live in a dynamic space. Internal and external forces—acquisitions, new products, competitive moves, regulatory pressures—are in constant play, and to maintain power and consistency, brands must be managed in an active and ongoing manner.

After driving the branding process from day one, our experts are in an excellent position to help manage the brand on a consulting basis. This long-term relationship enables clients to retain access to our strategic and design teams to ensure optimal follow-up to the brand launch, and to address shifts in the marketplace or internally with product and sales strategies. Working as an extension of the client’s team, we conduct ongoing research to measure success against brand objectives, set benchmarks and metrics, and make recommendations on any implementation or adjustments necessary in design, messaging, or tactics. And, we lead clients through annual planning sessions that enable us, collectively, to fine tune the brand going forward.