Branding appears on the corporate agenda at times of change.

Every successful enterprise changes. It adapts and adjusts to market circumstances. It acquires, grows and evolves. It never stands still.


Change can be evolutionary, as a company transitions from its original business core into new, higher-value growth markets, often spurred by technology and new competitive pressures. A tipping point is reached when the future begins to look very different than the past.

Change can also be abrupt and unexpected. A merger or an acquisition can be transformational. It can radically change the game for all concerned – channel partners, distributors, current employees and future talent, investors, analysts, suppliers, etc.


In either case, critical brand-related questions need to be addressed: Will perceptions of our brand move us into the future with credibility? Will they hold us back? How do we integrate acquired brands and unify employees? How do we get the data to make the right decisions?

As brand strategists and designers, we help clients find greatness on the far side of change, to see opportunity in disruption, to imagine futures that might not be visible, and provide the data, strategic clarity and creative inspiration to reach it.

Our Branding Services

At BrandingBusiness, we take a comprehensive approach to branding. Our rigorous process begins with evidence-based brand research and strategy, which in turn inform brand identity and set the foundation for brand engagement.

Built specifically for B2B companies, the process tightly links business and brand strategies—adding value to organizations in a tangible and measurable way.

1. Brand Research

From global corporate brand assessment surveys to in-depth customer perspectives and discovery workshops, we customize our approach according to your needs.


2. Brand Strategy

Informed by research, the foundational building blocks of brand strategy are put in place by some of the most experienced consultants and strategists in the industry.

  • Brand Positioning Platform
  • Corporate Visioning
  • Brand Architecture
  • Corporate Narrative & Messaging
  • Brand Roadmap

3. Brand Identity

We marry world-class creative capabilities with brand strategy and research to visually articulate a brand’s presence in the market place.

  • Brand Naming
  • Logo Development
  • Brand Expression
  • Brand Guidelines
  • Branded Environments

4. Brand Engagement

Even the best strategy has no value until it is successfully implemented. We partner with clients and their internal teams to build long-term, successful relationships.

  • Internal Brand Training & Adoption
  • Go-to-Market Planning
  • Corporate Marketing
  • Website Development & Digital Strategy
  • Brand Consulting & Management

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Areas of Specialization

Solving brand challenges across the B2B spectrum is what we do. Here are some sample areas where we have extraordinary experience and expertise.