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Unifying an organization undergoing great change—and expressing its bold vision of modern healthcare.

Disrupting the status quo of a major U.S. industry can bring both outsized rewards and new headaches. But when that industry is healthcare, the upheaval experienced by an organization and its brand can be extreme. Such was the case with Oregon’s AllCare Health.

In 1994, a group of dedicated physicians and care providers embarked on an important and compassionate mission: “To work together to provide quality, cost-effective healthcare for our communities.” With this bold, simple statement, Mid Rogue Independent Physicians Association (MRIPA) was born.

The organization grew steadily, building on its solid foundation and core values. Then came the Affordable Care Act of 2010, sparking great change in healthcare across the nation—and in particular, the state of Oregon. Seeking to provide better health, better care and lower costs for its populations, the state introduced a revolutionary plan in 2012 to transform the Oregon Health Plan system through Coordinated Care Organizations (CCOs) which would oversee both care and health plans. Soon after, MRIPA won a state contract to offer these services to its communities—and potentially, new ones as well.

The organization’s scale changed radically. As services expanded, multiple brands were created, with new divisions to support them. With this great transformation, MRIPA became increasingly siloed.

Leadership struggled to succinctly describe what the organization did and what it stood for. Most critically, members had become confused about which entity would oversee their health plan and which would offer them care.

BrandingBusiness began its work by conducting internal and external research, confirming and documenting that MRIPA customers and partners were unclear about the organization’s brands, healthcare offerings and choices. The opportunity and the need for MRIPA were clear: Create a simple, powerful brand that unified its brand portfolio and crystallized its unique brand promise to make healthcare better for its communities.

We first advocated a branded-house strategy that would unify the organization, while simplifying both its brand structure and its brand promise to the marketplace. To fully express this evolving organization, we recommended a new name that leveraged one of the organization’s existing brand names—“AllCare”—and added the word “Health” to clarify its future strategy.

The overarching goal: Evolve from a collection of companies, plans and services to one brand, with one vision, and one voice.

AllCare Health Device logo

With the new strategy in place, BrandingBusiness developed a new identity and brand expression, grounded in a powerful tagline: “Changing healthcare to work for you.”

Working closely with the AllCare Health team, we introduced the new brand to physicians and staff in a coordinated program designed to inform and inspire. Then came the public launch, expressing the brand’s value proposition to local communities and business partners. This effort was supported by a new website and digital campaign created to change perceptions and build brand affinity.

We’re proud to say that our work helped AllCare Health remain true to, even build upon, its original mission. Today, AllCare Health and its inspired vision have helped to change Oregon’s healthcare landscape—and in the process, illuminated the path to a new, national model of care.

“The experience of working with BrandingBusiness has had a profoundly positive effect on our vast organization. Their strategic approach to brand building helped guide our board members, executives and management team through complex strategic decision making.”

Twila Farris – Chief Financial Officer, AllCare Health

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