A community health impact brand
built to redefine the model.

The Anchorum St. Vincent story begins in 1865 when the Sisters of Charity journeyed from Ohio to establish St. Vincent hospital, the first healthcare facility in the territory of New Mexico. Nearly 150 years later, the time came for the hospital to bring on a partner – one that could bring modern healthcare technology, practices and management to the equation. In 2007, 50% of the hospital was sold to CHRISTUS Health, a nonprofit health system made up of over 600 health centers across North and South America. With the sale of half the hospital came SVHsupport – a nonprofit 501(c) representing the other 50% community ownership of the hospital.

Anchorum St. Vincent original building

For the first 10 years, SVHsupport’s mission was to hold CHRISTUS Health and the hospital accountable, ensuring that the community’s best interest was represented and that the hospital was operating in a fiscally responsible manner. Accumulating a significant amount of capital from its portion of the hospital’s earnings and various other local portfolio investments, SVHsupport was drastically underutilizing its inherent capabilities and available resources.

Anchorum St. Vincent current building

In 2018, a new CEO for SVHsupport, Peter Bastone, was brought on board and was tasked to enact a new vision for the organization.

Touting decades of leadership in healthcare, Bastone quickly recognized the health challenges inherent within the communities of Santa Fe and northern New Mexico. To help with the formulation of a business and brand strategy, BrandingBusiness was hired to consult and provide strategic services to SVHsupport, its leadership team, and its Board of Directors.

BrandingBusiness conducted workshops and interviews with both internal stakeholders as well as respected members of the local community (including the Mayor of Santa Fe and leaders of other charitable nonprofit organizations). It was clear that there was an opportunity for this organization to do a great deal of good for, and in, the community. By connecting the brand to its rich legacy and creating something authentically impactful for the people, SVHsupport was poised to redefine not only itself, but the model for local, nonprofit community investing.

Anchorum Purpose Statement

SVHsupport’s new business strategy has it playing two critical roles for the health and well-being of the community. The first is as a convener of like-minded nonprofits and partners to address critical health challenges. SVHsupport, with its business acumen, investment expertise, management experience, and community knowledge (as 50% owner of the hospital) seeks to bring together these groups of passionate individuals to strengthen their combined ability to introduce positive change. The second role of SVHsupport is that of a catalyst—putting its own money into strategic and health-focused impact investments to serve the community long-term. The organization has dedicated $25 million to these efforts over the next three years.

To bring this new model to life in the eyes of fellow impact investors, local and national nonprofits, and the community at large, BrandingBusiness needed to create a compelling verbal and visual brand. The new name for the organization—Anchorum—includes the word “anchor.” Anchorum is an anchor in, and for, the community, a stabilizing element. St. Vincent was added to the name in order to clearly establish its ties to the hospital (CHRISTUS St. Vincent) and its rich history as a provider to the people of Santa Fe and northern New Mexico.

Anchorum naming process

With the new name came a new visual identity system. The logo, modeled after the bottom of a basket (a significant regional craft and symbol of strength) communicated Anchorum St. Vincent’s intention to weave a stronger, healthier community. Original photography was captured of local community members (by local photography talent) and served to enhance the brand’s authenticity.

Anchorum logo

With the foundational business and brand elements in place, BrandingBusiness orchestrated the effective internal training and public introduction of the brand. Communication efforts included broadcast, print, digital and digital radio advertising as well as carefully orchestrated public relations/media efforts. A new website experience was built and social media channels were prepared as primary touch-points for those looking to read more about Anchorum St. Vincent.

The print and broadcast commercial work completed for Anchorum’s brand introduction both received awards as part of the 36th Annual Healthcare Ad Awards in 2019.

The brand was launched in September of 2018 in Santa Fe, New Mexico. The nearly 200 attendees to the event included government leaders, local nonprofits, leadership from CHRISTUS Health and the hospital itself, and local media outlets. BrandingBusiness prepared video content, presentations, and collateral for the event. BrandingBusiness continues to consult with and lead marketing for Anchorum St. Vincent as they build out their investment programs for the coming years.

“On behalf of our beloved organization and its Board, profound thanks for your essential role in our brand’s creation, and the announcement of its birth. You took such care in getting to know us, and then somehow wove our dreams into a resplendent reality.”

Earl Potter - Chairman of the Board