Faster to the future of global enterprise networks.

Founded in 2004 as an Internet Service Provider aggregator serving the world’s telecommunications carriers, Expereo soon became a critical but invisible link in their networks, bundled as part of the carriers’ connectivity solutions for global customers.

By 2022, Expereo found itself at a strategic crossroads. The rise of the digital enterprise had presented Expereo with an enormous business opportunity. A dynamic global economy driven by the Internet and digital technologies was accelerating the push toward a cloud-based, hyperconnected future—blurring global boundaries and changing forever the way people work, live, and conduct business. Legacy telecom infrastructures were no longer able to provide global enterprises with the flexibility they needed.

After a series of strategic acquisitions under the new ownership of Vitruvian Partners, a European private equity firm, Expereo decided to refocus its business strategy with the intent of becoming the leading end-to-end, managed internet platform for global enterprises to connect their universe of people, places, and things securely, reliably, and with the speed they needed to compete.

To capture the opportunity, Expereo had to emerge from the shadows of the telecoms and redefine its brand around the business opportunity with the global enterprise, boldly declaring its vision with conviction.

“When you look at what we’ve done a question arises naturally and we’re struggling with the answer: What are we? Are we a tech company? Are we a software company? Are we a global service provider? Are we a platform business?”

Irwin Fouwels, CEO, Expereo

BrandingBusiness was appointed as Expereo’s brand strategy partner in 2022 as part of the company’s strategic repositioning. We began the engagement conducting a global brand equity assessment designed to identify the opportunity for the new Expereo brand.

Our research confirmed that Expereo has an unparalleled opportunity to break away from the pack of me-too vendors and position itself as a purpose-built partner, robust enough to meet the needs of the digital enterprise with a future-ready, managed internet platform.

The brand opportunity became clear: Expereo enables enterprise customers to orchestrate responsive, scalable, and high-performance networks—securely connecting people, places, and things with speed, efficiency, and agility everywhere they are in the world.

The brandline “Faster to the future” captures the essence of the Expereo brand proposition: We are built for the future of the modern digital enterprise and can get you there faster and securely.

The brand positioning provided the foundations of a Corporate Narrative, a strategic document that articulates and contextualizes Expereo’s business vision against the emerging market opportunity. The narrative weaves together expert perspectives, market data, technology trends, and Expereo’s own thought leadership. The result is a compelling view of the future for a new generation of IP-based enterprise networks. It frames the unique role and value Expereo delivers in helping enterprises get to that desirable, logical future with unparalleled speed and agility.

The Corporate Narrative is increasingly becoming an essential requirement in today’s B2B selling environment, providing the basis for thought leadership plans, sales training, and outreach—all working together to communicate and reinforce the narrative’s key points.

The Expereo brand needed an equally powerful set of visual and digital assets. The new logo signature conveys the energy and optimism of the Expereo brand and exemplifies the idea of connecting ideas, people, and solutions from today into the future.

The vivid color palette centered on the green was complemented by a graphic device system and three different styles of photography to give the visual system maximum flexibility and dynamism.

To ensure that this new brand was properly communicated across audiences, BrandingBusiness conducted training workshops with Expereo’s leaders and managers as well as devised a multi-phased brand introduction approach. Expereo was now ready to declare its powerful brand vision to the world.

Expereo successfully unveiled its new brand story and identity to the world in May, 2023 in a global launch event. It reflects and reinforces Expereo’s redefined strategy of focusing solely on the future of global connectivity and how the brand is uniquely positioned to help multi-national enterprises succeed in the hyperconnected world of the future.