A brand for advancing humanity and engineering the remarkable.

Cosylab has been powering the planet’s most complex machines for over 20 years.

Founded by a professor and team of physics students tasked with creating a control system for a new particle accelerator, Cosylab has grown into a technology vanguard delivering leading-edge expertise, software, and electronics for the world’s most advanced systems. Their solutions push science to its limits and now run nuclear accelerators, optical and radio telescopes, fusion reactors, and cancer therapy systems, to name a few.

As the business expanded globally out of Slovenia and from the scientific sector to medical, it became evident that the brand needed revitalization.

The organization had grown from being known as the ‘Big Science accelerator people’ to a company that enables organizations to make scientific breakthroughs, deliver state-of-the-art cancer treatments, power space exploration, and bring clean fusion energy to the world.

Cosylab was at a critical inflection point facing key questions. What was their story to the world now that the business had evolved? Should the Cosylab brand ‘stretch’ to the medical market or remain focused on science? What updates need to be made to the company’s purpose, mission, vision, and values given the advancement and growth plans of the company? And how should the brand best present itself visually to its range of customers? Cosylab called upon BrandingBusiness to assess and redefine its brand strategy, visual identity, and guiding statements – purpose, mission, vision, and values.

To evolve the brand strategy, BrandingBusiness first conducted comprehensive research across customers, partners, employees, and the competitive set to unearth how people viewed Cosylab and the different markets. We learned that what sets Cosylab apart is their curiosity about the world and the passion to make it better. That spirit, paired with their unique end-to-end capabilities, fuels their ability to deliver for organizations, patients, and humankind in ways not possible before.

The new brand positioning gives the company a unifying story and platform for its two unique yet symbiotic divisions – Scientific and Medical – and brings them together under the singular idea and tagline of ‘Advancing Humanity. Engineering Remarkable.’

This refreshed platform also drives the look and feel of the visual identity. The new logo and design system highlight the company’s vision, passion, and energy, and provide a much richer toolkit for a broader customer base that spans governments, institutions, and scientific and medical companies.

Ultimately we equipped Cosylab with a full suite of foundational brand elements including:

  • Brand positioning platform complete with brand pillars, personality, narrative, and brand driver
  • Brand architecture and naming system that unifies the portfolio under the Cosylab brand while allowing for strategic product names and future growth
  • Revitalized Purpose, Mission, Vision, and Values that help direct and inspire employees
  • Reimagined logo
  • Updated visual identity system
  • Brand guidelines

Working alongside the Cosylab leadership team, we hosted several virtual all-hands meetings with employees to introduce them to the revitalized brand and associated rationale, helping to capture hearts and minds. The BrandingBusiness creative team also conducted multiple training sessions with the Cosylab design team to ensure a successful launch and rollout.

Ultimately, our collaboration with Cosylab gave them a unifying and bold new brand to stand out in the market, articulate the full power of the organization, and move the company into a new chapter in the company’s history.

“BrandingBusiness was an excellent partner in helping us capture our brand strategy based on extensive research and reinvigorating the brand to express a holistic and modern Cosylab for years to come.”

Dr. Mark Pleško, CEO of Cosylab