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Clarity and Confidence in Challenging Times for B2B Marketers

By Andrea Fabbri

One recent morning over coffee with a friend, who also happens to be a CMO, I listened as he cited the top challenges of his job for a large B2B company. I realized that they were universal for CMOs everywhere.

The following are a few of the concerns he mentioned:

1. Global competitors, all offering the same value, are crowding his company’s space. 

2. Mobility and social media are changing the way all companies interact with their customers and require financial investments for brands to stay relevant and build effective customer experiences.

3. Emerging technologies and digital solutions are revolutionizing products and transforming competition. (When a company like GE states that it’s a digital-media company, you know disruption is happening.) 

4. Last but not least? Today’s B2B buyer, empowered by digital information and social networks, are often more informed than sales people in the market.

The CMO went on to acknowledge how important it is to address these challenges by rethinking how brand value is created and delivered to customers. “A difficult task, complicated by resource constraints, quarterly pressures, business complexities, and frankly, an outdated notion of what a brand means,” he said grimly.

What is a CMO to do? How can one be sure that the direction chosen for a brand creates differentiation, shapes successful customer experiences and drives revenue?

This new era of B2B marketing is compounding the risks that CMOs like this one and other executives must take in forging the right path to drive organizational change.  There is no easy way of tackling this challenge, which is why BrandingBusiness developed a tool that enables CMOs and other executives to spot the easiest and most rewarding route: It’s called The Brand Performance Platform™. 

The platform is a scientific, data-based brand evaluation, monitoring, and decision-support methodology designed to help  B2B executives identify the best path to build brands and pursue unseen growth opportunities with clarity, precision and confidence.

At BrandingBusiness, we have leveraged the methodology to help clients that include Huawei, Cisco, Peer1 Hosting, Elsevier, ZS Associates and many others. 

Beyond its statistical merits, the platform enables executives to accomplish essential management milestones in order to move forward:

  • It simulates a brand evolution based on an objective assessment of how a brand is performing in the sales funnel, creating leadership, fulfilling customers’ expectations and delivering business impact. No sugar coating, no opinions, just simple, powerful data.
  • It helps executives to present in a visual manner the best paths for evolving the brand to highlight its differentiation and pursue valid growth opportunities tied to real and projected customer needs. Again, no opinions, no guesswork–just data and evidence-based thinking.

A CMOs success depends on convincing senior executives and influencers that the brand is an asset that can drive the business. Because of its rigor and process, the platform is a great management and strategic planning tool. It helps executives create fact-based consensus about the best path forward and enables them to focus the necessary activities, plans and investments to align the company’s trajectory as set by the brand.

Building a world-class brand in a B2B organization is no easy task, as my CMO friend shared. In these times, we’re pleased the data-driven foundation of the Brand Performance Platform™ helps CMOs like him and others to frame brand investments and strategic direction with clarity and confidence.