Andrea Fabbri

Managing Director, New York

Andrea brings a musician’s heart and mind to his work. As a business-minded brand strategist, Andrea is both highly analytical and intuitively creative. He is the ideal strategic partner for clients encountering disruptive change or reinventing their brands.

Andrea brings to BrandingBusiness and our clients the rare perspective of a person who has experienced life on the front lines of marketing in a global corporation and also as a hands-on agency strategist. His firsthand experience in the B2B world delivers unique insight and value to his clients.

As Managing Director of the BrandingBusiness office in New York office, Andrea’s diverse client list spans global companies such as Tech Data, Expereo, Elsevier, Intelsat, Factset and ZS Associates, and nimble, high-growth companies including Ambra Health, Extensiv, Sun River Health, and Victra.

Andrea is fascinated by the topic of change, and how the deliberate and strategic use of the brand can help businesses manage the psychology of change, build a change-oriented culture and drive the organizational transformation required to succeed.

“A brand can be a bridge between today’s reality and tomorrow’s destination: it can define the need for change in a thoughtful, transparent dialogue with employees and the market at large, preparing the ground and making change logical and desirable.”

His professional journey started at Intelsat, the world’s largest satellite communications provider, where he helped to steer the then intergovernmental organization into a dynamic, global brand leader in telecommunications.

As a self-described “corporate therapist,” Andrea helps companies understand who they are and who they need to be to appeal to their audiences, drive preference, and build brand relevance.  Throughout the process Andrea integrates brand strategy with change management and an intense focus on aligning the operating model with the brand promise.

Andrea is an accomplished musician and holds an M.B.A. from Johns Hopkins University and earned his undergraduate degree in Economics at the La Sapienza University, in Rome, Italy.