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Brand Enchantment Through Collaboration

By Michael Dula

As a designer of brand identity, I’m constantly aware of the importance of symbiotic teamwork — the synergy of all individuals brought together to build and manage a brands’ corporate identity system. Great brand design is always accomplished when clients trust and believe in what we do here at RiechesBaird. What we do in creating a brand image is a lot like architecture. If the structure is weak, it will fall. If it lacks beauty, no one will want to enter. An Italian Renaissance humanist, L. B. Alberti famously insisted, ‘architecture must be beautiful, functional, and structurally sound’. RiechesBaird holds this same ideology when it comes to brand identity and design at-large.

In order to create world-class design and successful brand image, you need a team of believers whose mission is to create, implement and protect the brands’ identity, every step of the way. Simply put, a collaborative team accomplishes highly successful brand developing.

Great design cannot be realized without the seamless collaboration of designers and the corporate team. (A big point here: it is NOT one team, but two teams that must become extensions of each other). At the creation level, the role of the designer and the design team is to foster “best” design practices and without fail, push forward highly individual ideas that envision a distinct and proprietary brand image — one that truthfully sets the brand apart from competitors. At the corporate level, a team is championed by the CEO then likely lead by a Chief Brand Officer and a tight team of brand stewards who are committed to ensuring the strength of the brand.

3 Things Collaborative Teams Must Believe To Ensure Powerful Brand Image

  1. Great design holds significant power to transform business, not just win awards
  2. That thinking distinctively yields a distinctive brand
  3. That all team members are working for the good of the brand

In Guy Kawasaki’s new book Enchantment, he describes ways to elevate a brand. “Separate the believers. In implementing a concept intended to achieve enchantment, make sure all the employees and partners are on-board. You cannot create enchantment if the “sellers” are not all drinking the Kool-Aid. The Macintosh in the mid-1980s put the division in a separate building with Steve Jobs in charge so that the rest of the firm did not contaminate the effort with their “mass market” mentality. Zappos.com discourages non-believers by offering $4,000 to new recruits to leave the firm.”

Next up, I’ll be talking with a leading global brand manager who will deliver views on how to create an effective, collaborative brand-building team. Drop me a line, I’d love to hear about your successful collaboration stories.