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Corporate Brand Identity

Brand identity development equals logo design, right? Well, yes, but it’s only part of the story. Brand identity begins with logo design, but it goes much farther.

Logo: Your Most Valuable Image Asset

At BrandingBusiness, we understand that while a logo is not the end or the whole of corporate identity, it is the anchor point and the most focused, familiar, and oft-encountered image asset you possess. As such, it must fulfill critical aesthetic and technical requirements. It must:

  • Be simple in form
  • Have the capacity to communicate in purely visual terms—‘work’ without dependence on verbal or intellectual interpretation
  • Express one central idea
  • Be distinctive within its competitive set
  • Perform flexibly in print and digital formats; black-and-white, gray scale, reverse-out, and full color; at large, small, and ‘monumental’ scales; and in vertical and horizontal configurations
  • Be immediately recognizable, memorable, and enduring

It Begins With Exploration

Our brand identity designers are experts at handcrafting corporate signatures, symbols, emblems, and word marks that express the essential character of a business. On every project, we conduct a thorough, sensitive exploration of all design aspects: intent, typography, color rendering, iconography, symbolism, and more.

Continues With Skilled Designs

We work through dozens of sketches and digital iterations. We generate a range of stylistic options to give clients a sense of choice and to provoke thought about how best to visually articulate a business to business brand.

And Ends In Success

BrandingBusiness has successfully guided numerous global businesses through the complex processes of logo conceptualization, design, refinement, and buy-in. Whether for start-ups, spinoffs, M+A, or rebranding mature entities, our portfolio of award winning B2B corporate identities is deep and distinguished.

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