"We have evolved beyond our original core business. Our brand has become confused and no longer reflects who we are as a business."

Change is a fact of business life. All successful companies grow. They acquire, develop and launch new services  to respond to new market opportunities, customer needs and competitive pressures.

New technologies such as machine learning, IoT and artificial intelligence can also radically alter the profile of a business and the nature of its competition.

Over time, many well-established companies may have traveled a long way from their original core businesses. And yet, perceptions about who they are and what they do fail to change with them. They remain fixed in the past. Analysts, customers, channel partners, vendors and the recruitment market can have skewed, out-of-date perceptions about a company that hinder progress and depress value.

A new logo is not the answer, nor is a new advertising campaign or tagline. They might be components built into a comprehensive implementation roadmap, but the starting point has to be a fundamental, data-based evaluation of the brand itself and its potential for growth to give the executive team the information it needs to make informed, directed decisions.

To assist clients to reposition their corporate brand and align it with business strategy, we have developed the Brand Performance Platform™, a proprietary research tool that offers an operational framework for aligning the organization with brand goals by identifying growth pathways and pinpointing actionable brand positioning strategies against market drivers.