"Our business has grown steadily and organically, but growth has stalled. How do we use our brand to reach the next level and meet our targets?"

Small and medium-size businesses (SMBs) are the backbone of all thriving economies. They are primarily responsible for economic growth, job creation and prosperity. Their capacity for innovation and flexibility in a fast-changing business environment makes them crucial for economic success.

And yet, after early success, so many of them fail to make the leap to the next level of growth. They find it difficult attracting the talent they need. The entrepreneurial culture, once the engine behind growth, becomes an impediment to strategic discipline and a sales mentality pervades the company.

BrandingBusiness has had the privilege of working with many dynamic businesses over the last 25 years—helping them reach the next level of growth and become serious national and international brands.

The thread that runs through all the issues of growth beyond a company’s origins is the golden strand of brand. Companies tend to stay locked into a message of the “what” (what they make and what they sell) rather than the “how” and the “why.”

Growth at this stage of a company’s history requires a holistic assessment and revitalization of its brand, its resultant culture and its growth strategy. It requires a company-wide renewal based on a Purpose, Vision, Mission and Values and a commitment to put in place a brand-based strategy that drives marketing to a new level.