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BrandingBusiness Launches Suite of New Diagnostic Tools to Help Businesses Get Moving Again


IRVINE, CA (May 5, 2020): BrandingBusiness, the global B2B brand strategy firm, today announced the launch of a suite of innovative diagnostic tools to help businesses find quick, effective ways of recovery.

“It’s become almost a cliché to say we live in times of exceptional uncertainty,” said founding partner, Ryan Rieches. “And it’s true, COVID-19 has created unprecedented business and economic disruption. But there are things we can still be very certain about. Strong brands and a resilient corporate culture matter more than ever.”

“The diagnostic solutions we’ve developed are designed specifically to help business leaders quickly assess the strength and readiness of their brand, culture and sales organizations as the world begins to return to work,” continued Rieches.

The four diagnostics – Expert Growth Clinic, Brand Diagnostic, Culture Diagnostic, and Sales Enablement Diagnostic – will help executives and marketers find answers to pressing questions, such as:

  • How do I analyze my current situation and make brand decisions with confidence?
  • Is my brand positioned for growth? Where are the high-value buyers? What needs to change?
  • How effective is my sales organization to retain revenue and drive growth?
  • What is the current health of my employee culture? Is the workforce aligned and inspired?

The new Sales Enablement Diagnostic assesses how a company’s sales organization is empowered to lead buyers and customers through the sales funnel. Building upon the diagnostic insights, we provide actionable recommendations to inform, align and inspire sales and marketing teams.

“We are particularly excited by possibilities around sales enablement,” said Andrea Fabbri, Managing Director of BrandingBusiness New York.  “Sales enablement is the critical last link in the brand strategy chain and is often overlooked. If that link fails the whole chain is broken. Properly trained and enabled, your sales team can be your key differentiator.”

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