The Path

For most businesses, the global pandemic has delivered a quick and brutal punch to the gut. While the immediate task has been to catch your breath and regain equilibrium, the moves you make today to position your business for future success could have profound consequences.  Questions on your mind might include:

  • Where do I focus and how do I create management alignment on a clear direction?
  • What does it mean for my brand?
  • How do I ensure the sales organization can retain revenue and close new business?
  • What’s the impact of the crisis on my culture?
  • Where should I focus marketing investment for greatest return?

To help you point your business towards the right direction for the short, medium and long term, we are making available to you a set of solutions and resources.


How do you analyze your situation and make decisions with confidence?
In an informal online workshop setting, we will bring to bear expert business and brand perspectives on your situation and develop a roadmap of actionable initiatives to move your business forward. The workshop is ideally suited to create leadership alignment around a path forward.


Is your brand positioned for growth? Where are the high-value buyers? What needs to change?
With a combination of a quick-to-deploy online quantitative survey and qualitative interviews with informed buyers and influencers, we are able to assess the effectiveness of your brand against the most viable, tightly defined growth segments.  We can then determine how your brand should be optimally positioned to capture customers in the growth segment through an actionable brand strategy.


How effective is your sales organization to help you retain revenue and drive growth?
Sales team effectiveness is critically important to protect existing revenue and capture new business opportunities.  Our Sales Enablement Diagnostic assesses how your sales organization is empowered to lead buyers and customers through the sales funnel based on sales cycle characteristics.  Building upon the diagnostic insights, we provide actionable recommendations to inform, align and inspire sales and marketing teams.


What is the current health of your culture? Is the workforce aligned and inspired?
In difficult times we rely on the dedication and resourcefulness of employees and the sacrifices they make to help pull us through. It can take a heavy toll on morale.  Moreover, the future reality of a workforce working remotely will blur the line between personal life and business. How can you protect and maintain a strong company culture in this environment? We can help you assess the health and resilience of your culture and provide a set of actionable recommendations to keep it strong in changing times.


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