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Sign Language: What a Logo “Lift” Says About Your Company, Its Goals

By Justin Garvin

Evolution or revolution? When a company decides to redo its logo as part of a brand strategy overhaul it must decide how much a brand mark can change.

This is an important decision: A logo is a visual reflection of a company’s strategic brand framework. It represents how a B2B and B2C organization operates, communicates, and relates to the world. Messing with a brand’s “look” can have a big impact on internal and external audiences. That’s why the re-creation, update or replacement of a corporate logo is an important move, one that signals a shift in marketing strategy and, often, a change in business goals.

What follows are three client stories. Each of the company’s needs and goals were different but their desire to signify change was behind each of these brand mark makeovers.

Children's National Medical Center Logo Rebrand

EVOLVING AN EXISTING LOGO: Children’s National Medical Center 
Children’s National in Washington DC decided in early 2013 that it needed to stand out in an industry that was cluttered with aggressive competition and consolidation. Repositioning itself as more than just a hospital but as a specialized health system, it also needed to create a clear brand architecture that would unify the organization around a single brand identity. At the heart of the Children’s National brand was its symbolic bear logo that was widely recognized and loved by all audiences — especially its employees. The logo needed to be freshened up but the bear had to be part of it. The new logo is more professional but personal, warm and full of life — just the way a medical center should be. 

Center for Creative Leadership Logo Rebrand
MAINTAINING A LOGO’S ESSENCE: Center for Creative Leadership
CCL is an organization that offers a wide range of leadership development programs, products and services. In place since the 1970s, CCL’s logo had taken on many names. It had also generated a lot of controversy internally and in the international community around just what it stood for. Combine this with an overriding desire to reposition the company in order to drive their financial and strategic growth goals and you have concrete rationale for modernizing the corporate brand identity. The feeling and essence of their long-standing logo, however, still properly reflected the uplifting and energetic spirit behind the brand. Therefore, in generating a new logo identity for the organization, we took this to heart and ended up creating something that harks back to CCL’s history while guiding them firmly into the future. 

mFour Logo Rebrand
MFour is a company built upon decades of market research expertise. When it made the decision to focus solely on becoming the leading innovator and pioneer in the field of mobile research, it needed a brand strategy and identity that clearly communicated its intentions. Like the revolutionary approach, technology and methodology the company aimed to implement, MFour’s visual brand identity required a complete rethink — a new viewpoint. MFour’s logo needed to properly communicate its new direction and the new way it aims to think about the future of research. Where we ended up truly communicates the concepts of depth, insight and perspective.