Navigating the Rebrand of a Global Technology Organization

After the acquisition of Avnet’s Technology Solutions business, Tech Data needed a new brand identity to highlight the company’s expanded reach and capabilities as a global leader in technology distributions and services. A rebrand of a company this size with or without an acquisition is a massive undertaking. In this episode, Michael Dula, Chief Creative Officer at BrandingBusiness, talks with Alex Fox, Director, Creative Services at Tech Data about the intricacies of a rebrand this size, the challenges involved, and managing and executing while keeping all members of a global company informed and included in the process.

Topics include:

  • Reasons for a rebrand, and the difference in results (3:30)
  • Rebuilding the brand from the inside out (5:14)
  • Choosing the right strategic partner (8:03)
  • Addressing the challenges, hurricanes and all (10:18)
  • Managing the messaging and execution for a global company with over 14,000 employees (13:25)