How Recognizable is Your Logo?

A logo is by far the most efficient asset available in building global visibility for a brand. Like a fingerprint, enduring in its permanence,  a well-crafted logo is an authentic, personal identifier. Used consistently, it becomes a beacon for a company or product in the marketplace and the visual entry point for the entire brand experience, breaking through the noise of  competitors and inviting people in to your world.  The investment made in the creation and craft of your brand’s visual identity, a vital brand asset, is significant, so getting it right from the start is imperative.

Our research partners at Socratic Technologies recently launched a study to find out how easily certain logos and slogans can be identified and whether these brand assets influence their behavior and interest in a brand. With their permission, we share the results here. You can find additional studies and valuable insights on brand research from Socratic here.


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Socratic is a full-service market research agency. They embrace their technology roots to engage consumers online for better data quality and to deliver end-users access to dynamic simulators and dashboards. They harness the power of AI machine-learning and advanced statistics to better understand why consumers make the choices they make, and deliver high touch client experiences as a cornerstone in providing irreplaceable value.