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BrandingBusiness Introduces the Brand Performance Platform


IRVINE, Calif. (January 13, 2015) – Leading brand strategy firm BrandingBusiness today unveiled a proprietary new research methodology that measures performance, identifies growth pathways and pinpoints positioning strategies for B2B brands.

The data-driven Brand Performance Platform™ quantifies a B2B brand’s strength relative to peer brands, identifies opportunities for differentiation based on statistically validated, real and projected customer needs, and helps determine the optimal brand positioning to drive business growth. The proprietary measurement tool also enables B2B managers to test, monitor and adjust brand performance on an ongoing basis.

At a time when B2B executives must focus simultaneously on business innovation and brand differentiation, the Brand Performance Platform™ (BPP) factors in key business performance indicators tied to customer preference and advocacy—including purchase intent and customers’ likelihood to recommend the brand—as well as market barriers and opportunities for positioning and growth.

The Brand Performance Platform™ is designed to give B2B leaders the confidence to be game changers,” said Ray Baird, a founding partner of BrandingBusiness. “As a strategic planning tool, it helps B2B executives make critical decisions regarding their brand investments.”

BPP measures B2B brand performance based on three key dimensions: leadership (reputation and perceived market leadership), relationship (customer advocacy and ability of a brand to be a problem-solving partner) and impact (differentiation, satisfaction and impact of the existing brand experience).

BrandingBusiness, a 20-year-old brand strategy company, designed BPP against a backdrop of dramatic change in the way brands are chosen and experienced. Too many B2B brands are undifferentiated at a time when fast-moving business decision makers are doing online research before choosing partners and vendors. It is important for companies to turn brand touch points into decision points, said Baird.

“Now more than ever B2B companies are competing to innovate, differentiate their brands and build strong relationships with customers,” he said. “In this environment of commodity trench warfare, they need a new weapon. The BPP is designed to be just that.”