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BrandingBusiness Designs New Certified USB Charger Logo for USB Implementers Forum


IRVINE, CA (August 18, 2016) — BrandingBusiness, one of the leading B2B brand strategy agencies in the world, today announced that a new logo they designed for the USB Implementers Forum (USB-IF) was unveiled as part of a new Certified USB Charger logo and compliance program. The USB-IF unveiled the new logo and compliance program at the Intel Developers Forum on August 16.

USB-IF, the support organization for the advancement and adoption of USB technology as defined by the USB specifications, engaged BrandingBusiness to develop a new Certified USB Charger logo based on the existing family of certified USB-IF logos. According to USB-IF, certified USB Chargers will free consumers from the obligation to purchase and maintain multiple chargers and will display the new logo identifying the power capability in watts. Certified USB Chargers, based on the USB Type-C™ and USB Power Delivery specifications, will be interoperable with compliant USB Type-C™ devices including laptops, tablets, smartphones, docking stations, displays and other products, the USB-IF press release stated.

The new logo joins the well-known, existing family of certified USB logos and represents the bright future of faster charging and interoperability with compliant USB Type-C™ devices.

According to USB-IF, Certified USB Chargers will resemble a traditional power brick or wall wart, and consumers are reminded to purchase compliant USB products from trusted sources that display USB-IF certified logos on packaging, in product briefs or on the cable or device itself.

“We are very honored to work with such an esteemed organization in the creation and design of the new Certified USB Charger logo,” said Ryan Rieches, founding partner of BrandingBusiness. “This is just the latest example of how we integrate ourselves into the DNA of our clients to create and support branding platforms that have a global impact.  We are pleased to have played a role in USB-IF’s goal of providing customers with the latest technology to make their lives easier, more productive and more enjoyable.”

About BrandingBusiness

BrandingBusiness is a brand strategy and development consultancy that helps B2B companies establish, assess, and position transformational brands. The company, formerly known as RiechesBaird, views brands as strategic assets that are best leveraged by integrating brand strategy with business strategy. It offers a rigorous approach to brand building, engagement and design with programs customized for unique challenges and opportunities B2B companies face. Its founding partners are sought-after brand strategists who, over the past 20 years, have worked with American Airlines, Cisco, Constellation Energy, Elsevier, Huawei, ITT, Pacific Life, Sharp, Sage Software, and Toyota Material Handling USA, among other companies. BrandingBusiness has offices in Irvine, Calif., New York City and London.

USB Type-C™ and USB-C™ are trademarks of USB Implementers Forum.