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Employer Branding

Employer branding is more than a poster on the wall or a message on a mousepad. An Employer Brand represents an organization's value proposition to its employee base - both present and future. It has a direct impact on employee acquisition, retention and productivity - therefore a direct link to the financial bottom line.

In today’s challenging business environment, companies and organizations face increasing competitive and social pressures that impact business performance. The need to actively align and engage employees in the delivery of strategy is now more important than ever. As the world’s highest performing companies know, actively engaged employees are more productive, more customer-focused, more loyal, and ultimately, more committed to business success.

Peter Drucker’s celebrated quote "Culture eats strategy for breakfast" isn’t saying that strategy doesn’t matter, but rather strategy will only be successfully executed if it’s supported by an accepting corporate brand culture.

We at BrandingBusiness have developed an employer branding process for harnessing, celebrating and energizing company culture to solidify an employer brand for clarity, consistency and future success. Beginning with an in-depth analysis and benchmarking of the existing cultural underpinnings and communications architecture, the process includes visual and verbal brand development, along with a comprehensive and tailored tactical plan for introduction.

Whether completed as a part of a comprehensive rebranding process or as a standalone engagement, we design and implement employee engagement programs rooted and founded upon a strong, sustainable corporate brand culture that delivers on business strategy and enhances business performance.

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