"We have made a significant acquisition. How can we best assess the value and role of the brand and integrate it successfully?"

Companies make business acquisitions all the time.

Many are tactical and gradually absorbed into the corporate brand. Others are more rapid, transformative and game-changing. In this case, an understanding of the power of the acquired brand asset is essential as part of the due diligence process.

A major acquisition is not only an opportunity to achieve operational synergies, but also a valuable “moment in time” to bring about true change. The best leaders get these transformational decisions right, and a sound brand strategy rooted in data is key to best capitalizing on these opportunities.

We have helped many companies to successfully integrate brands with rigorous, custom-built research tools that provide the answer to questions such as:

  • What is the strategic value of the acquired brand?
  • Does that equity have a role?
  • Can it take us into markets and business areas where our acquiring brand has no credibility?
  • How should it fit within our current brand architecture?

In any integration, there is also a disruptive period during which two organizations become one. Benchmarking and understanding the corporate culture of both organizations, and identifying significant variations between the two, is an essential prelude to successful employee integration and avoiding a destructive “we/they” mentality. A strong brand strategy with a well-articulated Purpose, Vision, Mission and Values can serve as the lens through which employees can be successfully unified.