Zuly Schober

Creative Services Manager

Zuly Schober works at the intersection of details and design at BrandingBusiness. Methodical, schedule-driven, and highly talented in the creative arts, she collaborates with our internal team and outside partners to ensure efficiency and excellence on each project.

It’s a role for which she is uniquely qualified, with over 20 years’ experience in managing projects and process within agencies’ creative environment, including that of BrandingBusiness. Previously, she managed a design agency’s creative department, acting as the interface with clients, account teams, creative directors, and copywriters to enable the development of a strategic direction.

A graduate of Chapman University with a BFA in Graphic Design, Zuly has also been an art director and a graphic designer, and has extensive experience in vendor negotiations, prepping and collecting files, press checks, logistical coordination, and archiving digital files.