Tim Price

Senior Brand Strategist

Tim is a unique combination of a tenacious thinker and a calming presence. As one client put it, “Thanks Tim, for always being the non-anxious presence in the room.”

In his 30-year career in strategy and creative, Tim has navigated nearly every imaginable business challenge for clients ranging from Fortune 200 companies to startups. And in every case, he relies on the same principles: Be a great listener. Show empathy. Remain eternally optimistic. And use your grit.

Tim possesses a second unique combination; that of a left-brained strategist and right-brained creative writer. It’s served him well as a brand strategist because he can manage the entire process from due diligence and strategic development through the creative expression of the brand. The common denominator through every step, as Tim says, is the force of precisely determined language and ideas.

Tim’s client experience includes hundreds of companies in enterprise technology, healthcare (including health systems, medical devices and med tech), professional services firms, real estate, manufacturing, and other categories. Highlights include branding the first commercial drone airport and training facility, creating multiple brands for AI-driven med tech spinoffs and startups, and rebranding six leading data security organizations within the span of two years.

“Identifying the most viable, interesting and compelling strategies for a brand always leads to something new—a truth that leads to a spark that leads to an idea that leads to transformation that leads to a new era for a company’s growth.”

A product of Orange County, CA, Tim obtained his degree in Communications, emphasis on Advertising, from California State University, Fullerton. He immediately set to work as a copywriter for several local agencies, eventually becoming BrandingBusiness’ first staff writer, then creative director and ultimately a brand strategist.

A lifelong Southern Californian until 2021, Tim now happily resides in Charleston, South Carolina.