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Why We Created BrandingBusiness

By Ray Baird

Welcome to BrandingBusiness.

Every day our team at BrandingBusiness  works with B2B companies that are struggling with major business issues.

Whether it’s redefining a mission, repositioning a business, rebranding, or restructuring their brand portfolio for growth, we here at the company known, until today, as RiechesBaird, often need to remind them that this work has strategic implications for their business that requires tough decision making. 

Evaluating a business, its customers, and its brand strategy is important work and, often, isn’t a “once-and-done” exercise. Executive teams need to be aligned, employees need to be engaged, communication strategies need to be integrated.

We have seen a fundamental shift in the role of branding in B2B companies. It has become inextricably linked to business strategy. We came to the conclusion that clients need branding partners who, above all, understand the dynamics of B2B markets and can think strategically and creatively around business challenges.


Rethinking Value

Our clients, such as Hitachi, Elsevier and ABM, are dealing with tectonic technology shifts that are reshaping their businesses. They are being held to a higher standard of transparency, accessibility and accountability by multiple groups of stakeholders—customers, investors, employees, suppliers, partners and end-consumers. They are rethinking the value they deliver and how it is delivered.

So the day came, not that long ago, when we decided it was time for us to practice what we have preached for the past 20 years as RiechesBaird and make some crucial decisions of our own. Along with my partners – Ryan Rieches, Alan Brew and Michael Dula – we looked at the business challenges our clients face, what they need in a strategic branding partner and how we, as a company, can be of most value.

We heard from our clients how disappointed they were after working with branding firms that try to apply impulse-driven consumer branding techniques to B2B situations. They don’t work because B2B and B2C companies exist in entirely different worlds: healthcare, information technology and natural gas companies, after all, have little in common with companies that sell beer and beauty products.


A Different Kind of Business

While our core mission hasn’t changed much since we started the firm nearly two decades ago to help create and position B2B companies, we decided to become an entirely different kind of branding business.

Today we are re-launching our company with a new name, BrandingBusiness, deeper strategic and creative capabilities, an evolved positioning dedicated  to our continued focus on B2B brands and their changing, pressing needs, and a content-rich website designed with leading experts and business executives sharing best practices, experiences and perspectives.  

We often tell clients that it is ideal when a company’s name reflects its business but doesn’t limit its growth potential. It’s important, too, for a brand to be clear about its offering. While friends and family have asked if it’s hard for the two original founders of RiechesBaird to take their names off the door, Ryan Rieches and I have no hesitation.

Our new name, BrandingBusiness, is simple. It’s direct.  It’s inclusive. It leaves no doubt about who we are and what we do. It crosses borders and will open doors globally.

So welcome to BrandingBusiness. We invite you to join us on our journey.