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What Brands Look For In A Marketing Partner

By Ryan Rieches

What are the attributes clients look for in a marketing partner? How important is brand positioning to a marketing team? In this week’s episode, BrandingBusiness Founding Partner Ryan Rieches explores these topics and more with Tim Williams, the founder of Ignition – a consulting firm dedicated to helping marketing agencies create and capture more value for themselves and their clients. Williams is also a sought-after speaker, author and regular contributor to such reputable outlets as The New York Times, Wall Street Journal, AdAge and many others.

Tim Williams Shares The 6 Key Things Clients Are Looking For In A Marketing Partner:

  • Clients are looking for agencies that are efficient in their work process, project management and technology.
  • Clients are looking for agencies that collaborate with other agencies to offer the total solution. If you say you’re an “integrated” agency – be just that.
  • Clients are looking for the best talent to work on their account.
  • Clients are looking for an agency that will experiment in new channels.
  • Clients are looking for more proactive thinking from agency partners, more value and thoughtful suggestions.
  • They want agencies truly focused on results, not those that just say they are.