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Visioning and Branding of an Educational Institution

By Ryan Rieches

In recent years, many universities have taken the necessary steps to further define their brands in an effort to clarify who they are and prove the value they provide to their internal and external stakeholders. In this week’s episode of Branding Business, Ryan Rieches sits down with Gary Brahm, Chancellor and CEO of Brandman University, formerly Chapman University College, to discuss the process the educational institution took to differentiate itself amongst more nontraditional students yet still associate the brand with the established Chapman University system. From research to visual identity, Rieches and Brahm will talk to the steps the agency took to get Brandman University where it is today.

Find answers to:

  • The process of changing an established organization’s name
  • Trends in branding universities
  • What is involved in defining a brand
  • The importance of defining Purpose, Vision, Mission and Values
  • How to roll out new branding statements and sentiments internally
  • Who is responsible for the brand