The New Role of Branding in Healthcare

By Ray Baird

Search the internet for insights on healthcare branding you might be surprised by the results.

I certainly was.

What I found was a dearth of relevant and contemporary perspectives for today’s healthcare professionals looking for guidance on branding matters and best practices. I clicked on the third-ranked search result for healthcare branding blogs and it led me to “Scholarly articles for healthcare branding blogs,” where I found an article from 1997!

This experience has inspired us to create a new blog series, “The New Role of Branding in Healthcare” with healthcare executives and professionals specifically in mind: a six-part blog series by BrandingBusiness dedicated to helping healthcare brands embrace and realize their vision. The intent is to provide insights about the new age of branding analytics and what’s possible, required and expected to position or rebrand an organization for success in today’s challenging healthcare environment.

Just as healthcare has undergone a revolution, so has branding. It has been infused with technological advancements and analytic tools that help executives to answer critical questions about branding investment.

For example:

  1. Data-based brand strategy empowers executives to make informed decisions and move forward with certainty. We now have the ability to measure the effectiveness of brand investment.
  2. Strategic clarity connected with an inspired purpose is critical to building sustainable brand advantage.  We now have the ability to connect business hypothesis with market performance.
  3. Emotional connection is at the center of disruption and brand loyalty. We now have the ability to measure customer loyalty.
  4. Content drives the “new” conversation and gives audiences a renewed reason to listen. We now have the ability to monitor market engagement.
  5. Analytics and real-time metrics provides marketers the power to focus on what matters in the moment with immediate impact. We now have the ability to measure marketing performance.
  6. People make it happen. Having an informed workforce inspires superior performance. We now have the ability to monitor employee performance and connect it to KPI.

Our first blog will explore new ways B2B organizations are using our progressive research techniques to advance their brands. We will focus on evidence-based research and empowering executive decision making.

We welcome your participation, involvement and input as we explore “The New Role of Branding in Healthcare.”