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The Importance of Protecting Your Company’s Intellectual Property

By Ryan Rieches

With 500,000 new businesses being opened each month, and 2 million active trademarks in the US, the challenges of protecting your Intellectual Property are greater than ever. In this edition of Expert Opinion, Ryan Rieches talks with Diane Reed, Partner at Knobbe Martens. They discuss the different types of IP, some common mistakes, and how companies can get true protection.

Topics include:

  • The biggest mistake companies make with their intellectual property (2:47)
  • Protecting your IP: ™ versus ® (4:33)
  • The challenges and fundamentals of naming and IP protection (7:21)
  • How does a company get true protection in a crowded space (13:52)
  • Protecting your IP in your business class (21:32)