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PR and Branding: How the Two Work Together

By Ray Baird

Customers are searching for greater leadership beyond your service or product offering — they are looking to brands to take on bigger issues and truly engage with them. RiechesBaird President and Co-Founder Ray Baird talks with Derek Creevey, Executive Vice President at Edelman, to discuss how today’s media environment and customer demands are ever-evolving and how PR practitioners should be influencing policy and brand strategies for their clients. Creevey uses examples of companies that are effectively putting their purpose behind the brand and shifting from selling to enabling people to buy into that purpose.

Insights explored during the radio show include:

  • PR is no longer about talking at audiences, it’s about engaging audiences through new means (examples: mystarbucksidea.com and Nike+)
  • Brands need to connect to their stakeholders and learn from them, make them feel like they add value and can make a difference (example: GE)
  • Brands need to act like media companies themselves, adding value to their community base (example: Johnson & Johnson)