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IBM: 100+ Years of Maintaining an Enduring Brand

By Ryan Rieches

IBM was founded in 1911 and still today is recognized as one of the top global brands. In this episode of Expert Opinion, RiechesBaird CEO Ryan Rieches sits down with Michele Grieshaber, Vice President of Demand Programs for IBM North America to discuss how IBM has maintained such a strong brand identity and value over time. Grieshaber talks to how IBM has transformed their business and their brand strategy to appeal to the IBMer and their needs.

Topics covered in this episode include:

  • Exploring the historic shifts IBM has taken to create a unique customer experience. (3:03)
  • Evolving the IBM brand by focusing on core values, behavior and performance. (6:11)
  • Conversation Marketing: How IBM engages the client and stays on brand via numerous different touch points. (14:24)