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How Social Engagement Enhances Brand Positioning

By Alan Brew

In this episode of Branding Business, Alan Brew, Principal at RiechesBaird, sits down with Steve Patti, the former Chief Marketing Officer at Peer 1 Hosting and current Principal at Social Exposure — a social media monitoring startup — to discuss how brands can strengthen their brand positioning and leverage business development opportunities by mining social data and translating this data into real insights.

Some of the topics covered by Patti include:

  • How brands can monitor social activity for lead generation, reputation management, regulatory compliance, content marketing, customer feedback and deepening customer personas (5:18)
  • Defining and reaching target audiences to strengthen brand positioning (8:50)
  • Which brands get more out of social? B2B, B2C, small business? (11:32)
  • Two ears, one mouth. Social media need not mean posting – there is a lot to be learned from listening (16:34)