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Connecting Brand Promise With Primary Audiences

By Ryan Rieches

NY Times best-selling author, Dr. Joseph Michelli shares insights from his latest book, Leading The Starbucks Way on how Howard Schultz and his team passionately perform in a culture that loves, respects and rewards suppliers, employees, customers, shareholders and the community. In this episode of Branding Business, RiechesBaird CEO Ryan Rieches talks with Michelli on the power of passion behind a brand promise. Not just limited to a consumer experience, this passion is equally important in the B2B model that Starbucks has used to extend the brand beyond traditional retail environments.

Topics explored include:

  • The Maturation of the Starbucks Brand – From opening a store every 4 hours around the globe to weathering a recession and re-evaluating the brand and customer experience. (2:21)
  • Returning to Passion for Your Product – How training and quality really matter. (5:40)
  • Building a Brand from Within – Branding is not just an exercise based on consumer trends, you must brand from the inside out. (7:26)
  • The B2B Side of Starbucks – How similar are the principles used in developing a connection with B2B customers and B2C customers? (9:22)