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BrandingBusiness Teaches the ABC’s of B2B Social Selling on “Expert Opinion”


IRVINE, Calif. (August 19, 2014) – BrandingBusiness, a leading business-to-business brand strategy and development firm with offices in California and New York, has premiered a new installment of its ‘Expert Opinion’ interview podcast. The new show features Social Selling Evangelist Jill Rowley, who explains why social selling plays such a vital role in the sales funnel and how B2B brands should approach it.

“No one understands the modern consumer and the way they use technology with regard to their buying habits better than Jill Rowley,” said ‘Expert Opinion’ interviewer and BrandingBusiness co-founder Ryan Rieches. “The modern consumer is digitally driven, socially connected and mobile empowered, and the data shows that sales people who engage prospective buyers via social channels close more sales.”

Rowley is the Founder and Chief Evangelist of Jill Rowley #SocialSelling. One of the first 100 employees hired at Salesforce.com, she also served as the Eloqueen at Eloqua and was a social media evangelist in sales enablement at Oracle. She is the perfect example of someone who possesses the attributes that allow the social tools to work. With #SocialSelling, Rowley helps her clients market and sell to the modern buyer by providing strategy and planning, keynote speeches and #SocialSelling workshops to companies that are #CustomerObsessed, #EmployeeObsessed and #PartnerObsessed.

She serves on the Advisory Board for DataRPM, an industry pioneer in cognitive data discovery, the next generation of big data technology, delivering hyper-fast results to organizations challenged by the volume, velocity and variety of their big data. She also serves as an Advisor to Accompani, a San Francisco based company that brings to life a whole new way to manage relationships. Rowley is a member of the American Association of Inside Sales Professional, as well as the Marketing Operations Cross Company Alliance, Marketing Automation Institute and was recognized earlier this year by Forbes as on of the “Top 30 Social Sales Influencers In The World for 2014” and one of the “Top 25 B2B Sales Influencers for 2014” by OpenView Venture Partners.

BrandingBusiness’ “Expert Opinion” interviews are part of the firm’s online community, www.BrandingBusiness.com, dedicated to brand strategy, brand development and brand engagement. It is an open online forum, for branding professionals, their clients and interested prospects. Along with sharing the longtime experience-driven expertise of BrandingBusiness with an unmatched portfolio in the B2B world and thought leadership through a variety of interactive opportunities, it is designed to bring together the best minds in branding and provide an engaging conversation about branding as a business tool. BrandingBusiness includes the latest blog articles, lively debates, topical discussions, critical inquiries, answer to questions and questions to answer.

“Expert Opinion” interviews feature the four BrandingBusiness co-founders, Alan Brew, Ray Baird, Michael Dula and Rieches, as they interview influential CEOs and discuss and analyze the latest news and trends in the world of branding, brand development and branding strategies. From BP’s five minutes of shame, to healthcare business branding strategies, to analyzing the power of differentiation, these gentlemen share their insights and knowledge of branding in today’s ever-changing business environment.

About BrandingBusiness
BrandingBusiness is a brand strategy and development consultancy that helps B2B companies establish, assess, and position transformational brands. The company, formerly known as RiechesBaird, views brands as strategic assets that are best leveraged by integrating brand strategy with business strategy. It offers a rigorous approach to brand building, engagement and design with programs customized for unique challenges and opportunities B2B companies face. Its founding partners are sought-after brand strategists who, over the past 20 years, have worked with American Airlines, Cisco, Constellation Energy, Elsevier, Huawei, ITT, Pacific Life, Sharp, Sage Software, and Toyota Material Handling USA, among other companies. BrandingBusiness has offices in Irvine, Calif., and New York City