BrandingBusiness Provides Leading Real Estate Investment Firm BGO With New Visual Identity in Rebranding


Since becoming BentallGreenOak with the merger of Bentall Kennedy and GreenOak Real Estate in 2019, the real estate investment management firm has been on a path to distinguish itself in the market and express its unique corporate culture through a new, simplified brand architecture. Now with 28 offices globally and over $81B USD in assets under management, the decision was made to undergo a shift to a fresh master brand structure with the versatility to allow for the development of sub-brands firmly linked to a common identity. The long-form name “BentallGreenOak” would officially be retired and replaced by “BGO”.

Building upon significant growth and with a strong brand position in the firm’s main markets, BrandingBusiness was brought in to develop a corporate visual identity to support BGO’s global brand transformation.

Through a rigorous and collaborative design approach, BrandingBusiness explored a range of evolutionary and new identity pathways. “We wanted to take the BGO team on a journey from what feels familiar to what can be,” said Michael Dula, Chief Creative Officer at BrandingBusiness. “Authenticity to the personality and culture of BGO was paramount in our efforts. In the crowded financial services space, brands need to focus on what makes them unique. BGO has such strong foundational values at play that drove our design thinking.”

The final logo for BGO embodied more than one read for viewers. On one hand you see an oak leaf, derived from the legacy name and emphasizing the organization’s emphasis on sustainable practices and environmental progress. On the other hand you can see the corner of a building, affirming the brand’s real estate core. Together, you have a powerful story for growth and a logo that readies BGO for the path ahead.

Building upon the architecture of the new BGO corporate logo, BrandingBusiness developed a comprehensive visual identity system of colors, photography styles, and graphic devices along with a new identity for its philanthropic and community program, BGO Inspired. This culminated in a brand guideline that incorporated the new master-brand identity architecture for current and future sub-brands and offerings. These assets empowered BrandingBusiness and the in-house BGO team to implement the brand across a range of print and digital applications.

 “The launch of the new BGO brand has captured the sophistication, confidence, and so many of the core values that we attribute to our firm and we are already seeing our brand put into action in ways that represent the future we’ve envisioned for BGO,” commented Rahim Ladha, BGO’s Global Head of Communications and Philanthropy. “Our people are thrilled to be ambassadors for this new brand and are eager to positively contribute to our ever-evolving narrative.”