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BrandingBusiness Global – Responding to Client Needs

By Ryan Rieches

The majority of our B2B clients serve international audiences. Emerging technologies have facilitated market expansion at unprecedented levels. The world has quickly gotten smaller. The velocity of change and business disruption is greater than ever. Product innovation is quickly copied and commoditized. It’s becoming harder for companies to find sustainable competitive advantage.

Yet the one thing that hasn’t changed is the need for clarity and consistency of the corporate brand – in alignment with the organization’s business objectives. This challenge is amplified when you consider the nuances required to address regional audience needs.

For this reason we created BrandingBusiness Global. Clients have told us there is a significant gap in the global B2B branding landscape as it is currently served either through small specialist consultancies that struggle with global assignments or consumer focused global networks that do not understand complex B2B markets.

BrandingBusiness brings a new dimension in brand strategy – a combination of deep sector knowledge and experience combined with technology-based tools and analytics delivering insights and evidence that clients have never had access to before. It puts real power in the hands of marketers and the C-Suite.

The stakes are higher than ever and companies are looking for proof-based brand strategy development backed with evidence of anticipated commercial returns. The creation of BrandingBusiness Global represents a key step in our ability to provide B2B clients worldwide with the evidence-based brand building tools to drive sustainable growth.

BrandingBusiness Global will be led by partners in three dominant economic regions: The Americas, headquartered in Irvine California, EMEA anchored by London, and Asia Pacific, based in Hong Kong. Multiple regional offices in each of these three sectors will serve clients’ specific needs. Each will be aligned on creating powerful B2B brands built on technology-driven insights, strategic clarity and breakthrough creative ideas.