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BrandingBusiness Co-founder Ryan Rieches Shares the Secrets of Building a Brand and Discovering “Your Unique Promise of Distinction”


IRVINE, Calif. (May 17, 2016) – Ryan Rieches, co-founder of BrandingBusiness – a leading brand strategy agency with offices in California, New York and London – recently discussed the intricacies of building a brand on “On Your Mark, Get Set, Grow”, a podcast of CEO Coaching International hosted by Steve Sanduski.

“Branding is a very misunderstood word,” noted Rieches during the interview.  “It comes with a lot of connotations and, I think, misunderstanding as well.  The way we define it, it’s your unique promise of distinction.”

During the course of the 38-minute interview, Rieches provides key insights about how to enhance a brand and get to the essence of your company’s unique promise of distinction.  The secrets he unveils include:

*Branding isn’t just fancy packaging and a catchy jingle.
*Your branding program will fail if you leave it up to the marketing department.
*What comes to mind when people think of your company?
*Why you need a positioning statement and how that relates to your “brand essence”.
*How having a clear purpose, vision and mission are critical building blocks of the branding process.
*How branding is a team activity.
*Be intentional about how you position your brand, or the competition will do it for you.
*If you can’t state your brand essence in five words of less, start over.

To learn more about the importance of branding and to access the entire interview, visit:  http://www.ceocoachinginternational.com/branding+your+unique+promise+of+distinction.

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Founded more than 20 years ago, BrandingBusiness has established a global B2B brand strategy pre-eminence.  Responding to changes in clients’ requirements, the business refocused its own strategy and in 2012 transformed to become the new breed of B2B agency it is today.  It now boasts a greater presence globally and has combined analytical tools and research techniques with its world-class design capabilities that, together, radically alter what B2B clients can expect from a branding program.  BrandingBusiness’ global clients include Cisco, ConvaTec, Elsevier, GE Capital, Huawei, Integro, Merrill Lynch, Saint Gobain, Sage and Skillsoft.