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Branding A Merger Of Equals

By Ryan Rieches

Backed by Private Equity firm Lariat Partners, two former rivals, LaMi Products and ATA Retail Solutions, merged to become Jacent, a newly formed force in grocery store merchandising. BrandingBusiness Founding Partner Ryan Rieches is joined by Jacent CEO, Michael Dion to talk about the challenges in bringing together two industry leaders as one company. Aligning both cultures and operations, the naming question, and the opportunities and challenges associated with the process are highlights in this edition of Expert Opinion.

Topics include:

  • Strategic merchandising. What is it? (1:58)
  • The opportunity to tell a deeper story (3:01)
  • Two cultures are now one (8:41)
  • Using guiding statements to drive internal engagement (11:32)
  • What about operational alignment? (13:26)