A Cannabis Wellness Brand’s Success: The Financial Power of a Focused Brand

Starting a company and selling it within a year takes focus, research, and commitment to your brand story and strategy.¬†And that’s exactly how Kim Kovacs, CEO of MyJane, accomplished this feat. She set a cannabis wellness community designed to empower women with their health and well-being on the path to success with the power of focus.

In this episode of Expert Opinion, Ryan Rieches talks with Kim about the game-changing impact purpose, mission, and vision had on her business. Beyond her personal story and motivation for starting MyJane, evidence-based strategy proved pivotal to her brand’s achievements.

If there’s only one lesson to learn here, it’s that your business can’t be all things to all people. There are riches and niches, and the power of focus is incredible.


Topics include:

Finding your focus and staying committed (5:37)

Using research and data to support your business  theory and guide your brand strategy (7:12)

The secret to successful fundraising for startups (10:58)

How purpose, vision, and mission can help attract the right/best personnel (12:33)

The visual design process and how that supports the brand (16:29)