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A Brand is an Expectation of Value

By Alan Brew

When it comes to branding, we need to look beyond design, logos and naming. We need to look at ways of continuously sensing people’s desires and rapidly delivering compelling value to satisfy those desires. In this week’s episode of Branding Business, RiechesBaird Principal Alan Brew sits down with well-known author and brand strategist, Tom Asacker, who narrows it down for us. While a complicated discipline of sociology, psychology and behavioral economics, branding is really about how people make choices. The idea of creating something desirable – creating value – so people invest in your brand is what branding is all about. A brand in essence is an expectation of value, an experience customers are looking for.

Tom Asacker Shares How Companies Should Look At Branding

  • What is the value we bring to the marketplace?
  • What can our company do to strengthen that value?
  • Value is co-created by the company itself and consumers.
  • Always look at ways to innovate and bring more value.