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7 Brand-Building Principals Behind Operationalizing Your Brand


Expressing what your brand does, promoting your brand and marketing your products or service is one thing, but operationalizing your brand is really about delivering on what you say, living out your brand promise. Recently, Ray Baird, Founder at BrandingBusiness, talked with Denise Lee Yohn — branding consultant to such brands as Sony, Frito-Lay and New Balance — about how companies can operationalize their brands to grow their business. In her book coming out this January, What Great Brands Do, Denise explores the 7 brand-building principles behind operationalizing your brand (she also discusses these in the recent BrandingBusiness radio show). Topics and principles explored in this show include:


1. How to drive your brand into your culture, core operations and customer experience

2. Great brands start inside, they don’t chase customers — they attract customers

3. Everyone in the organization has to understand the role they play to live out the brand and help to evolve the brand

4. How 37signals (creators of Basecamp) operationalizes their brand to constantly innovate and enhance the brand


Tune into the radio show with Denise Lee Yohn .

Denise Lee Yohn has been inspiring and teaching companies how to operationalize their brands to grow business for more than 20 years. She has worked with brands including Sony, Frito-Lay and New Balance. Denise is a thought leader in the field of branding and she has spoken to different groups all over the world. Learn more about Denise and follow @deniseleeyohn.