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Evaluating Brand Equity

The need to link brand investments to measurable economic gains has been the holy grail of B2B marketing departments for decades. Introducing the Brand Performance Platform™.

Today more than ever, CMOs, executives and marketing managers must rethink how brand value gets measured, created and delivered to customers.  Mobility, social media and emerging technologies are commoditizing industries, revolutionizing products, transforming competition and changing how B2B brands interact with customers, affecting ROI of sales and marketing activities and enhancing personal pressures and risks.

The BrandingBusiness Brand Performance Platform™ is a scientific, data-driven brand evaluation, monitoring, and decision-support methodology designed for B2B executives to identify the best path to build brands and pursue growth opportunities with confidence – no guesswork.

The platform also enables us to measure brand equity over time, detecting shifts in awareness, consideration, preference and purchase intent, and in attributes related to a desired change in position over time.


  • As a strategic tool, the Brand Performance Platform™ gives executives the confidence to invest in the brand to drive preference, support growth and maximize economic returns
  • As a management tool, it helps executives create fact-based consensus about the best path forward to improve the effectiveness of brand investments in the sales cycle
  • As a planning tool, it helps executives focus activities, plans and investments necessary to align the company to the trajectory set by the brand

The platform is ideally suited to guide critical decisions for:

  • Brand innovation and differentiation
  • Growth strategies
  • Messaging
  • Mergers and acquisitions
  • Brand portfolio rationalization

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