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Brand Voice

Brand Voice—also known as verbal expression, or verbal identity—is the counterpart to corporate identity.   It is the distinctive tone, manner, and lexicon—the total linguistic signature—of a business.

Like these visual counterparts, Brand Voice is composed of a set of tools, anchored by the Positioning Statement, which articulates a company’s strategic business path, oriented by its unique competitive advantages.

Closely connected with the Positioning Statement, is the Brand Essence statement, a distillation of it, often manifesting publically in the form of a BrandLine™ (tag line) that interlocks with the corporate signature (logo).

In addition to Brand Essence and Positioning are Brand Attributes and a Brand Lexicon. Brand Attributes are a concise set of descriptive terms for corporate—or brand—character—words and ideas that describe the moral personality of a business, such as integrity, agility, focus, and the like.

From these core ideas, BrandingBusiness develops a Brand Lexicon—a kind of customized brand dictionary that serves as a resource for copywriters, marketers, and communicators, to ensure that a business speaks clearly, consistently, and in a distinct, singular voice.

The last piece in this tool kit is the Elevator Script, a flexible set piece, with pre-packaged responses to the most basic questions every business must answer about itself: What business are we in? Who are our clients? What do we do, solve, or make for them? What benefits do we deliver? What is unique about us? The purpose of the Script is to move beyond the narrow limits of the traditional elevator pitch, providing diverse representatives of a company and its brand to dialogue about them with clarity and consistency.

BrandingBusiness—drawing on the rich data reserves compiled in the strategic discovery phases of our engagements, has developed these verbal resources to outstanding effect, for companies of every scale, phase of maturity, and across a wide span of industries.

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