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Brand Strategy & Positioning

Brand strategy is a company’s long-term plan for developing and managing those intangible, equity-bearing assets called ‘brands.’ Why is it important? Because when brands are thoughtfully managed, they have the capacity to bolster a company’s competitive advantages and deliver huge financial returns.

Brand Strategy

Brand strategy determines which brand elements will be redesigned, organized, and deployed in service to the business plan. It encompasses all touch points that shape market perception and behavior including:

A successful brand strategy always benefits from a strong brand that stands out from its category – one that’s relevant and believable because it's built on credibility and a compelling truth.

Brand Positioning

Brand positioning, by contrast (and complement), attempts to identify your company's most powerful unique attributes and combine them into a distinct customer promise.

How BB Does It

Your brand position must be relevant, believable and defendable to thrive. A strong brand stands for something and the most compelling brands claim the highest ground – they own a mindset. Volvo and safety. Nike and performance. Harley-Davidson and freedom. Energizer and longevity.

  • assess your critical capabilities, resources, and assets
  • review your strategic business, marketing, and sales plans
  • determine your strengths and weaknesses
  • audit your brands and branded communications
  • survey your corporate identity practices
  • conduct a broad assessment of your company’s reputation
  • identify relevant economic and industry trends

Once distilled and analyzed, the data from this phase yields insights and implications that enable us to identify your unique brand position and develop a brand strategy that supports business performance.

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