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Brand Research & Analysis

The strongest brand strategies are built on a concrete foundation of research and analysis. That’s why each BrandingBusiness engagement begins with a comprehensive brand discovery process. Based on the state of the organization’s existing brand, we utilize a customized mix of primary and secondary brand research – both qualitative and quantitative – to benchmark and explore brand perceptions and identify opportunities for growth.

A 360-Degree Approach To Brand Research & Brand Analysis

BrandingBusiness takes a comprehensive 360-degree approach to brand research and brand analysis. Leadership, employees, current and prospective customers, industry influencers and the market at large offer important perspectives that prove imperative in determining an impactful brand strategy. Each of these audiences is carefully considered, and the insights collected are applied throughout development of the brand strategy.

Designed For B2B Organizations

Our brand research and brand analysis strategies are specifically designed for business to business organizations, whose most important audiences often include senior-level decision-makers that are traditionally difficult to reach. Our methodologies take into account the intricacies of the usually complex B2B purchasing process to expose the true brand drivers that fuel authentic and impactful brands.

Data-Based Methodologies

One of our proprietary methodologies, the Brand Performance Platform™, is a scientific, data-based brand evaluation, monitoring, and decision-support methodology designed for B2B executives to drive critical decisions and assess their impact on business performance.
The platform locates and articulates a brand’s position within a dynamic competitive landscape against peer brands based on three equity drivers:

  • Brand leadership
  • Customer relationship
  • Brand impact and differentiation

The existing competitive brand position then gets evaluated based on its ability to enable a company to pursue unoccupied growth opportunities tied to statistically validated, real and projected customer needs.

Ultimately, the gap between the existing competitive brand position and brand opportunity provides a powerful, analytics-based means to identify how a brand needs to evolve to drive differentiation and business growth.

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