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Brand Naming

Developing, approving, and launching a new brand name—whether for a business, product, or service—is one of the most challenging exercises that we undertake with clients. It is often said naming is part science, part craft. In fact, it is part science, part craft, part context, part counsel, and (large) part diplomacy.

Naming is not simply about verbal creativity. It only begins there. In fact, coming up with ‘good’ names might be the easiest part of naming.

Beyond that, enthusiasm and consensus have to be generated around them; resistance to the new and unfamiliar must be overcome; and the vagaries of the trademark landscape have to be carefully navigated. In the case of names that must function in multiple languages, there are issues of inter-translatability and the avoidance of pejorative meaning. And, finally, there is the whole choreography of introduction and launch: getting the name introduced, seeded, accepted, and established. In the end, naming is a discipline that requires almost every tool in the consultant’s kit.

BrandingBusiness has a well-honed, 4-part process to create names that are distinctive, defendable, and durable: Analyze-Create-Filter-Finalize. It includes:

Creative Brief development (including Selection Criteria articulation), that builds off of Discovery work and the Brand Strategy platform
Individual and group name production
Internal preliminary vetting and Short List development
Preliminary trademark analysis* (including URL vetting)
Decision-making counsel and support
Launch planning, support, and implementation

BrandingBusiness has decades of experience and has named dozens of companies, including AirTouch, Inovalon, and Axiall, to name a few. We understand the different business scenarios that often drive it: from the founding of new entities to spinoffs to M+A’s, to trademark challenges. Perhaps most importantly, we understand how to navigate complex organizational cultures and structures to shepherd new names through to acceptance.

We know that a name is more than just a ‘tag’ or identifier, indicating the source of goods and services: it is the first word in a dialogue about your business, and the symbol and repository of your reputation—your ‘good name.’

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