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Brand Expression

Brand Expression is closely related to corporate identity. It is the part of corporate identity that goes beyond the logo.

It consists of a set of palettes—of colors, typefaces, icons, graphic elements, photographs and illustrations—that allows designers to articulate the ‘95% balance’ of page, slide, or screen space, not occupied by the logo.

The key to this visual articulation beyond the logo is that it must fulfill a key function of the logo—namely, to express and extrapolate brand identity and brand recognition. A critical test of the success of this system is, if the logo were masked, could a relevant consumer correctly identify the source of a branded asset (e.g., communication, product, package) without it—that is, on the basis of the design elements other than the logo?

Brand Expression is the step prior to the formal codification of corporate identity design into a system of standards and specifications. Above all else, it furnishes designers with a common kit of building blocks that ensures consistency and coherence within and across branded communications and artifacts.

BrandingBusiness has created Brand Expression systems that combine elegance and utility for corporations and businesses of virtually every scale, phase of maturity, and business category.

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